Milestones Culinary Institute, Inc.

Training aspiring students for an exciting career in culinary arts.

See yourself in a culinary arts career, the sky is the limit

Milestones Culinary Institute has trained students to enter the booming culinary arts industry since 2004. Prepare for entry level positions by learning knife-skills, hot and cold food preparation and food safety procedures that will lead to a career in one of the fastest growing industries in America.
Milestones is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Donations are tax-deductible.

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Milestones Culinary Institute graduates receive a Certificate of Completion, ServSafe Certification, and a Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate.


  • I have found your work with your students to be outstanding and your food production most qualitative.

    I highly recommend you, your school, and your graduates to any business or individual.

    Arthur Boyd
    Star Beverage Company
  • I attended Milestones Culinary School in the year of 2011.  During my attendance at this highly reputed institution, I received excellent training in the field of culinary arts.  Through this experience, I gained insight into myself and my future, and it helped me to become a better person and also achieve my dream job.

    Gail Harris
    Milestones Culinary Institute
  • Mr Davis, thank you for the training at Milestone Culinary. It helped me in many ways.

    Oscar Dorsey
    Milestones Culinary Institute