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James Davis, Founder
James Davis, Founder

A Message from Our Founder

Welcome to Milestones Culinary Institute. Since 2004, we have addressed a need that continues in Durham: the training and preparation for careers in culinary arts. We work with people of all income levels and respect what each person brings to our program. It has been a collaboration between public, private, and governmental agencies to uplift and serve. We’re proud of the work that we do and we do it well. We look forward to training the next generation of great chefs.

“Integrity is important to me and it is reflected in every aspect of this organization.”


Milestones Culinary Institute (MCI) offers a comprehensive culinary curriculum to prepare students at all skill levels from beginners to more experienced kitchen workers for career aspirations. Our professional staff plays an integral part in our students’ success.  Coursework is facilitated by certified instructors with a wealth of culinary knowledge. From day one, students are prepared to become great chefs, beginning with uniforms and a code of conduct that inspires teamwork and excellence.

Scholarship is necessary and classroom time prepares students for hands on kitchen training. Students will become well versed in food preparation, knife skills for vegetables and meats, hot and cold menus, reading and understanding recipes, measurements and conversions. Students will also be certified in safe food storage and handling.

Milestones graduates will earn the following credentials:

  • Certificate of Completion of all coursework
  • ServSafe Certification
  • Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate issued by the NC Community College System


    • Food service establishments must have a certified food safety manager in the facility when food is being prepared and served. The person in charge must have earned a passing grade to certify.
    • MCI offers a twelve hour food safety training course taught by NC instructors. The ServSafe exam is monitored by North Carolina Code requirements.
    • ServSafe Certifications are issued by and recognized by the National Restaurant Association.


    • Hard work pays off and we are proud to present our worthy graduates and honor their achievements. Our graduation features student skills displayed by service and culinary delights. Family, friends and supporters encourage bright futures for students in the culinary arts.


    • Donations from supporters make it possible for MCI to provide scholarships to those who qualify.
    • Culinary training can be costly and we look to supporters to help.


MCI partners with restaurants to offer apprenticeships and entry level positions to graduates.